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We both got to take the reigns on production designing and directing this fun Converse spot. By directing the spot as well as leading the art team, we had full creative freedom to bring this laundromat to life. We wanted to embrace the vintage/small-town theme of the laundromat by bringing in some checkered flooring to contrast the bright laundry machines. This fits the laundromat as well as the prom part of the spot perfectly as it transformed into a dance floor! This spot was so fun to design as we got to contrast the dull laundromat with the sparkly colorful prom.  

Production Co: Backstory

Direction: The Kummerl Twins

Art Assist: Elle Rains, Scott Convery, Quinn Wilson

Behind The Scenes

082121_Night Shift_Photos_783.JPG
082121_Night Shift_Photos_656.JPG
082121_Night Shift_Photos_611.jpg
082121_Night Shift_Photos_675.jpg
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